Seasons of Evolution

Yay for Ceres! Earth mother extraordinaire who each year mourns the loss of her daughter Persephone to the Lord of the Underworld. Ceres is currently positoned at 7° Sagittarius Retrograding opposite the Sun in Gemini, and Mars forms a minor angle to each from Cancer. This is a time when thinking and acting big needs … Continue reading Seasons of Evolution

Aquarians, original punks!

Happy solar return to our fixed air friends – AQUARIUS ❤

Hermit Fool

In my head I’m trying to come up with how should I start this text. I was thinking something like: “So I’m a Leo…” and it just hit me how funny this is.

Of course Leo would start a sentence like that, especially Leo in Sun, Moon, Mercury and south moon node. A person with that many planets in Aquarius would probably never start a sentence in this way, putting themselves first, such as Leo does.

It’s really funny once you understand opposites / complementary signs. I can’t really remember when was the first time I ever met Aquarius, but it was not until after high school, when I started going out, meeting people, joining groups and courses.

Actually, joining a graffiti workshop, I’ve also met someone who became a very close friend of mine, who introduced me to astrology that had Aquarius moon, opposing my Leo moon. We became…

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Sun in Jyotish PT.1 with Stellar Deb

Sun governs the star Krittika, Uttaarphalguni, Uttarasara nakshatra. What ever be the planets and whichever house they own or occupy, they will when situated in Sun's Star, will predominantly offer results of the hose, portrayed by sun only. Suppose one is born in Cancer Ascendant  and Sun is occupying Aries in the 10th house. A … Continue reading Sun in Jyotish PT.1 with Stellar Deb

Characteristics of Planets

Sun - Sun is the power house of solar system  Sun is a vital planet in Astrology. Though we know Sun is not a planet but a star but in astrology its regarded as a planet . It must be powerful in individuals' birth chart so that the native gain from it. Sun denotes father, … Continue reading Characteristics of Planets

Numerology: S E V E N (+movie list)

"William Somerset: I just don't think I can continue to live in a place that embraces and nurtures apathy as if it was virtue. David Mills: You're no different. You're no better. William Somerset: I didn't say I was different or better. I'm not. Hell, I sympathize; I sympathize completely. Apathy is the solution. I … Continue reading Numerology: S E V E N (+movie list)

Numerology: 9️⃣ N i N e 9️⃣ + movie list

Welcome to another numerology post. If you missed last one you can read it here. Today we will talk about number nine (9). A very mysterious number that symbolizes humanitarians and offers unlimited possibilities. Number nine seems to have mysterious nature in mathematics too. For example any number we add to 9, eventually we will … Continue reading Numerology: 9️⃣ N i N e 9️⃣ + movie list

3 of swords: Expression of Heartache

There are few cards in Tarot that are bringing so much "negativity" at once. Like there is actually no "good" in them. Not to get all philosophical on what is good or what is bad, let's for a minute be down to earth, logical and realistic. Card Three of Swords really doesn't bring much joy … Continue reading 3 of swords: Expression of Heartache

Vϊ$ὺΔϟ Δ$ϯ℟ΘϟΘGϓ: ♃ Jupiter ☌ Conjunct Ascendant

m back with another visual post. This time we have a collection of people born with planet Jupiter conjunct their Ascendant.     LL Cool J -  Sun 23° Capricorn 58', Moon 16° Cancer 49, Ascendant 11° Virgo 39 + Jupiter at 04° Virgo 56'  R conjunct Ascendant. "James Todd Smith (born January 14, 1968), better known by his stage name LL … Continue reading Vϊ$ὺΔϟ Δ$ϯ℟ΘϟΘGϓ: ♃ Jupiter ☌ Conjunct Ascendant

Malefic Planets : A wrong Concept.

As per now a days wrong concept Of so called Astrology , Saturn, Rahu , Ketu, Mars r treated as Malefic Planets. Why? Those are regarded as inauspicious , harmful why? No perfect reply. Most of replies r wrong and misleading and inappropriate. What is SATURN , RAHU, KETU MARS actually are What are their … Continue reading Malefic Planets : A wrong Concept.

The Afterlife in Ancient Scandinavia

In the literature of Ancient Scandinavia we can find something unique in Europe: a vast and great literature composed before the thirteenth century; clear incisive prose, and poetry whose stormy music echoes the wisdom of ancient times of heroes, gods and giants; and a mesmerizing way of writing, hidden meanings in between the lines, mystery … Continue reading The Afterlife in Ancient Scandinavia

Wisdom of the North ; Seiðr, spá and spae-craft Part 1

The fairest of the soul-crafts of old, and the one which had most to do with the worship of Norse forebears, is spae-craft (Old Norse spá) - the skill of seeing that which is unseen to others and of telling what should come to pass. Many of the goddesses are known as having this skill: … Continue reading Wisdom of the North ; Seiðr, spá and spae-craft Part 1

Omens, Astral magic and Divinatory practices, Mesopotamian Astrology

  Parralels with beliefs and practices of the Hellenistic world, as mentioned in the latter post, strengthen the claim of the uses of the astral powers in astrology; Mespotamian sources not customarily adduced for the history of culture may thereby add their evidence to the history magic, especially astral magic. Astral magic and the role … Continue reading Omens, Astral magic and Divinatory practices, Mesopotamian Astrology

Card of the day – Three of Cups

Today, on the 3rd of July, 2019, I draw the first card from my new deck  The Wild Unknown Tarot, for the first day after the Solar Eclipse that occurred yesterday. Tarot is written & illustrated by Kim Krans. I plan to do more post regarding this deck.   This is the card I drew. … Continue reading Card of the day – Three of Cups

Mercury retrograde survival tips&tricks

Are you ready for the next cycle of Retrograde Mercury? Are you excited? Oh yes, it's coming again! Approximately 4 times a year, our little Hermes goes in the quest to search himself. And as he goes, he leaves chaos and discord. If you ask anybody who knows anything deeper regarding astrology about Mercury retrograde … Continue reading Mercury retrograde survival tips&tricks